Mission and Standards


Our mission is to serve the needs of Pennsbury Township in the preservation, conservation, and stewardship of open space including important agriculturally productive lands and natural areas.

It is our role to:

  • Assist township officials in decisions regarding open space planning and acquisition
  • Provide assistance to landowners who protect their properties through conservation easements
  • Serve as a liaison with other conservation and historic preservation organizations
  • Purchase development rights and accept lands and conservation easements from donors, including developers
  • Work with township staff to manage and improve existing open space and trails

Standards and Practices

The Pennsbury Land Trust adopted the Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices as the guiding principles for their operation in 200l. In 2005 the Trust adopted the 2004 Revised LTA Standards and Practices for the responsible operation of the Land Trust, promising totally ethical behavior and strong convictions against willful degradation of conservation easements.

Learn more about the Land Trust Alliance.

Understanding Stewardship

As stewards of the land, we have the responsibility to care for the well-being of all the living things, their habitats and natural resources found there. Most of the land in Pennsbury is privately owned so it is critically important that landowners participate in the conservation of our biological diversity. To do this we need to understand that people are an integral part of the land's natural cycles and can affect and be affected by them. Very simply, we need to preserve healthy land for our children and ourselves.

Designed to assist landowners in voluntarily restoring and conserving the natural values of their property, the Pennsbury Land Trust offers a variety of practical education programs from assessing stream quality to controlling invasive plants. Technical assistance with protecting land through voluntary conservation easements is also part of the program.