About Us

The Pennsbury Land Trust

The Pennsbury Land Trust helps protect the beauty of Pennsbury Township by preserving its natural, agricultural, and historic resources, including farmland, wetlands, forests, historic buildings, and scenic open space.

One way the Land Trust conserves land is through easements. When it accepts a conservation easement, the Land Trust makes a commitment to protect it from degradation and promotes responsible care by the landowner.

Key Facts

  • 96% of Pennsbury Township is located within the Main Stem of the Brandywine Creek watershed.
  • Five streams in Pennsbury flow east to the Brandywine: Pocopson Creek, Bennett’s Run, Ring Run, Craig’s Mill Run, and Cossart Creek.
  • The Brandywine Watershed supplies much of the drinking water for Chester and New Castle Counties
  • 21% of the streams in Chester County are impaired
  • Pennsbury streams are seriously impacted by removal of native trees and shrubs in stream buffers and fertilizer runoff
  • In the next 20 years, the population in the watershed is expected to increase by 27%, so contamination and over-withdrawal of water will likely increase
  • Most land in the Township is privately owned, so much of the responsibility of restoring and conserving the natural resources falls to the landowners

The Land Trust:

  • Offers educational programs on environmental topics
  • Identifies and promotes protection of land
  • Helps landowners assess stream quality, control invasive plants, and protect natural resources
  • Assists landowners with the process of conveying conservation easements
  • Monitors and enforces the protection of lands within the Trust